Beki Haley

Beki Haley has been beading for over 40 years now. Introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her Grandmother as a child, that early start in loving the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with her all throughout her life.

Even as a young teen, Beki loved to teach others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads, as such she has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and most everything in between.

Trained as a classic Silversmith at a young age has also given her an appreciate of the art and beauty of jewelry design, and using those formal skills allows her to share the technical aspects of jewelry design, as well as the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship all while exploring your natural creativity.

The love of beads led her to open her own bead store, Out On A Whim, in 1986. "I could not be more thankful that I am able to be surrounded by beads in every aspect of my life. With my husband, four children, several animals and beads, there is not much more I could ever ask for."

During any stressful time in her life she turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Being able to share that joy in the form of teaching others how to create with beads is
 a blessing beyond measure.

Beki's Upcoming Classes

  • Sold Out
    Sat, Feb 20
    $160 + mandatory kit $95-$115
    Feb 20, 11:00 AM EST – Feb 21, 5:00 PM EST
    $160 + mandatory kit $95-$115
    Create several different bezels and flowers using various modified bead weaving stitches to create a bountiful bouquet of flowers stitched atop a lacy Hubble Stitch bracelet.
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