Meet the Teachers

You'll have a chance to meet the teachers Thursday night at the beverage and dessert reception, but read a little about them here first!


Katalin Budaine' Nagy


Katalin Budaine'' Nagy

My name is Katalin Budainé Nagy, alias BéKata.

I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have always loved all kinds of creativity, in my younger years I was sewing, drawing and painting for years. I graduated as an interior designer in my early thirtieKs, where I studied art history, chromatics, drawing and furniture history amongst other subjects. I enjoyed those years very much, these studies developed my creativity and designing skills. I turned to jewelry making 15 years ago, at first I worked with wire, but that was not for me. Then I started beadweaving, but it was not satisfying enough either, I felt I could not fly high enough. So I decided to try bead embroidery… When I saw the American and Russian ladies’ artworks, I felt I had arrived in my own creative world… I am continuously learning new techniques, looking for new materials, tools, I love mixed media, and my new love is polymer clay. It is huge fun to combine these two techniques, the result is always a completely unique piece of art. I have been teaching bead embroidery in Hungary for 4 years, in the biggest beadshop of Budapest.

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Shona Bevan

Shona is a London-based bead designer who loves to create a big impact with tiny beads and makes elegant, wearable jewelry with a focus on beautiful finishing.  Primarily self-taught, Shona began beading as a teenager and her love of beads has continued ever since. 

Shona has taught at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee since 2016 and regularly teaches across the UK, Europe, and the USA.  You can see more of Shona’s work on her website at

Shona Bevan
Apollinariya Koprivnik

Apollinariya Koprivnik is a Slovenian based jewelry design artist. A self-taught beader, started in the year 2011. She graduated with master degree in architecture yet started her own path in the world of glass beads and crystals.


From the beginning she was using only beads and embroidery technique, then she got inspired by Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones. Since 2013, she has been working with mixed techniques as embroidery and bead weaving, by combining all sorts of Swarovski stones and elements, constantly searching for new and unusual materials. In January 2014 she started to create her instructions and tutorials for beading.  She calls her art “Beaded Architecture” since her designs have complex multilayered structure.


She had several publications in international magazines (like Perlen Poesie, Germany, Make & Sell Jewellery, UK, Bead & Jewellery, UK and other). She is teaching workshop classes in Europe and USA and always is improving her technique by taking part in international beading competitions as a participant – organized by Swarovski Russia, Fire and Mountain gems, the Beadsmith and is also an invited judge in international beading contests for official Swarovski retailer shop