Supply lists and kit information will be sent to registered attendees for projects where kits are not mandatory. You'll have the option of buying a class project kit from the instructor or providing your own materials.  If the kit is mandatory for a specific project, you will be billed by the instructor.  


Marcia DeCoster © 2020

One day class - Intermediate

Pre-requisites You should be craw confident with building a cube on top of a cube to make the rope portion of this pendant.

Rosales combines craw and double craw in a beautiful and very wearable pendant. A frame is made with double craw corners in a larger size which beautifully frames an Anna Bronze floral in the center. A graceful V shape uses a split cube to elongate the frame and is terminated in an open double craw unit from which chain is suspended. Double craw units extend up the rope and a center clasp is made with magnet casing and a double craw center. The center clasp can be repeated to make one short and one longer clasp for wearing your pendant at different lengths. Four sets of magnets will be included to give you this option.


Double craw, split cube and magnet casings will be taught in class.


Kit will be mandatory and will come in three colors. 


Miriam Cielo-Shimon © 2020

One day class - intermediate


Empress is a statement necklace that comprises various  beaded elements using a variety of crystals as embellishment and focal points. The class will teach you to bead each element and how to connect them to a beautiful necklace or use each element in a different way as a bracelet or earring. The class requires a basic understanding of peyote and is sure to make a great impression. Just like an Empress!!


Gail Crosman-Moore © 2020

One day class - All Skill Levels


A winter halo, is a phenomenon that usually appears in conjunction with a full moon. It looks like a whitish ring, about 10 to 20 times the size of the moon, surrounding the moon. It is caused by the reflection of light from the full moon on the ice crystals floating in the clouds.  Once in a while, if you are really lucky, a double halo can be seen surrounding the moon.



Optional Workshops 

Marcia DeCoster © 2018

3 hour class - all skill levels

Prerequisite:  none

Thursday Afternoon or Friday Evening

A fanciful romantic pendant both easy to make and fun to wear. The stitching that captures the Swarovski fancy stone is centered on the stone leaving it’s architectural edge facets to shine through. The two holed Gem duos create the beautiful diamond shape which is repeated at the bottom of the pendant suspending the Swarovski spike bead that lends an old world elegance.


Finished length is 3 1/4 inches


Mandatory kit includes the chain to suspend your finished pendant.

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