Gail Crosman Moore

Gail Crosman Moore, an award winning multi disciplinary artist, brings to you many years of arts education, both as teacher and student. Her B.F.A. from Mass College of Art was in the Art Education discipline, which is to say she was able to pursue any/all media.


Seduced and stimulated by so many things; surface, form, color and texture that can be readily interpreted through a myriad of materials paired with a lifelong obsession with the ‘Pod Form’ work together as inspiration and a recipe for a ‘job’ never completed. From concept to execution to trade shows and classrooms, the artist/teacher lies at the core.


Crosman Moore’s work has been recognized and awarded through publication in many trade magazines, including Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, and Lamagga, as well as invitations to be a part of many books in varied media.


Her teaching has taken her around the world, enriching her visual pool of resource,  context for life and expansion of her humanity.

A Celebration of the Day of the Dead: A Workshop in Nicho Adornment and Moldmaking


This class will introduce you how to make molds, usable for many materials. In consideration of ’The Day of The Dead’  and the timing of our workshop I am proposing a gathering of objects that appeal to you and represent what you hold dear or sacred. In the end you will have a wall piece with a couple of magnetic brooches to wear and house in your beautiful and thoughtfully presented Nicho!

And then….we will make molds of a couple of your choices for fitting into your Nicho and representing your thoughts. If you ‘bring’ several objects to class we will talk about what works for mold making and why.

I am delighted that you considering digging into a fun and thoughtful project. So….given that we have some time to think about our shapes and forms that we would like to become brooches, start asking yourselves questions like:


Is the texture exciting?

Will it fit into the Nicho Box, they are approx. 1/2 “ deep. 4"x6"


We are not limited to the inside of the box, the tin is easily punched, possibly you will pierce a few of the round bits and sew into those?


Who or what is your inspiration for developing this idea? How will you show this?


Keep in mind that the pieces  that we are making molds of should be more bas relief than all around 3-D sculpture.

Gail's Upcoming Classes

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    Sun, Nov 01
    $85 + Kit $50
    Nov 01, 2020, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
    $85 + Kit $50
    A Celebration of the Day of the Dead: A Workshop in Nicho Adornment and Mold making
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