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Meet the Teachers

You'll have a chance to meet the teachers Thursday night at the dessert and wine reception, but read a little about them here first!


Marcia is a leading beadwork artist, teacher, and writer. She was one of 36 artists featured in Masters Beadweaving. She has published three books, and shared her techniques through video. In 2014 Marcia presented Playing with Possibilities, a Bead and Button Master Class. Her work spans an aesthetic from whimsical to elegant. Proficient in many stitches she has worked in depth in both right angle weave and cubic right angle weave. Many of designs incorporate some version of these two stitches.

Marcia Decoster

My name is Miriam Shimon and I'm a bead artist originally from Denmark, but living in Israel for the last many years. I've always been creative and involved with art but beads and jewelry took my fancy 8 years ago and this is my main occupation today,- mainly teaching the many wonderful ways to create colorful art with glass beads, soutache, crystals, silver and gold.

My work has been featured in numerous magazines around the world and my work has won several awards. However, my priority love is still creating unique one of a kind pieces, each individually crafted and with its own soul.

Gail Crosman Moore, an award winning multi disciplinary artist, brings to you many years of arts education, both as teacher and student. Her B.F.A. from Mass College of Art was in the Art Education discipline, which is to say she was able to pursue any/all media.


Seduced and stimulated by so many things; surface, form, color and texture that can be readily interpreted through a myriad of materials paired with a lifelong obsession with the ‘Pod Form’ work together as inspiration and a recipe for a ‘job’ never completed. From concept to execution to trade shows and classrooms, the artist/teacher lies at the core.


Crosman Moore’s work has been recognized and awarded through publication in many trade magazines, including Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, and Lamagga, as well as invitations to be a part of many books in varied media.


Her teaching has taken her around the world, enriching her visual pool of resource,  context for life and expansion of her humanity.

“Nature, the elements, cultures, and life inspire me.  My passion is to create jewelry that invokes energy, peace, and healing to the wearer. This is how I express my inner being. 
I bead how I live my life...lightly dusted with form.” 

Holly’s woodland home is in King George, Virginia with her husband Bob.  She has two grown, free-spirited sons. She has been beading for over twenty years; her hidden talent for bead embroidery emerged with help from Heidi Kummli in 2014. Holly’s eclectic designs are indicative of her “out of the box” thinking. 

Holly teaches private and group bead embroidery workshops in her home studio and online through Zoom. She also leads workshops regularly at a bead store near her home. 

You can see more of Holly's work at

Miriam Cielo-Shimon
gail with earring.jpg
Gail Crosman-Moore
Holly Bean
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