Meet the Teachers

You'll have a chance to meet the teachers Thursday night at the beverage and dessert reception, but read a little about them here first!


Jean Power

Jean Power is a multi award-winning jewellery designer whose work in beads is inspired by geometry, form, colour and the beads themselves.

World-renowned for bringing a unique modern twist to this ancient art-form, Jean is the author of 9 books on beading and jewellery-making and travels extensively teaching her unique designs.

Shelley Nybakke

I have always had a passion for doing something with my hands.  Knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch playing piano and of course eating cookies.  Little did I know that this training would be the foundation to what would become a bonafide passion for the day I discovered beads.  And the best thing that ever happened to me design-wise was my passion for the metal seed beads.  They have certainly been good to me and my designing mind.

I live in Central Illinois, grew up on a farm not too far away and lived out in the country for many many years.  I'm now a town girl having moved to Normal a few years ago. Yes Normal is the name of the town. Not me.

Beginning in 2019, I have made the decision to slow down with my beading travels.  I will still have a few events each year here and there but for the most part I will just be beading and designing from home.  We will see how that goes.  

Leslee Frumin

Leslee Frumin, a bead and metal artist from San Juan Capistrano,

California teaches off-loom bead weaving techniques. Leslee has published and won awards in both areas. Her work has been featured in trade magazines and displayed in the US and abroad.


Leslee draws inspiration from shapes, nature and the materials themselves. She often will translate metalwork techniques into beadwork designs. In particular, bezels and clasp concepts are derived from her experience in working with metals.


She loves to teach. Her goal as a teacher is to create a fun and successful learning experience. Her passion for all the colors and textures made possible by beads, metals and stones keep her excited. If Leslee could add another 24 hours to a day, to work on designs, she would be thrilled.

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