Meet the Teachers

You'll have a chance to meet the teachers Thursday night at the beverage and dessert reception, but read a little about them here first!


Sherry Serafini

Unusual objects and shapes become part of a new story as Sherry stitches beads and gemstones, one at a time, to a felt like base.  Most pieces are born spontaneously as the beads and Sherry’s imagination dictate the design.  She seldom works from sketches.  Sherry finds this meditative form of art to be a rich counterpoint to a society full of instant gratification.  Some pieces take a year to complete.  Each is unique.

Sherry was raised in a military family, moving every few years.  She credits that nomadic lifestyle with giving her an adventurous and uninhibited approach to her work.


Sherry was voted one of the top 10 instructors in the United States by Bead & Button magazine. She lectures and teaches throughout the U.S. and has won numerous awards for excellence in design, including Saul Bell Outstanding Jewelry Design Award, Bead International 2006, People’s Choice Bead Dreams, Runner Up Best in Show Bead Dreams, Kennedy Best of Nationally.  She has been published and has written articles for several well-known magazines.  Her work has been featured on the covers of trade magazines and catalogs and is the co-author of the Art of Bead Embroidery with artist and dear friend Heidi Kummli and Sensational Bead Embroidery by Sherry Serafini


Sherry’s beaded art is known internationally and is owned and worn by Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz,  and singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. Her beadwork has been seen at fashion week in Milan by the artists who commission her.

Miriam Shimon

My name is Miriam Shimon and I'm a bead artist originally from Denmark, but living in Israel for the last many years. I've always been creative and involved with art but beads and jewelry took my fancy 8 years ago and this is my main occupation today,- mainly teaching the many wonderful ways to create colorful art with glass beads, soutache, crystals, silver and gold.


My work has been featured in numerous magazines around the world and my work has won several awards. However, my priority love is still creating unique one of a kind pieces, each individually crafted and with its own soul.

Heather Kingsley-Heath

English beadwork artist Heather Kingsley-Heath’s love of beads and colour is infectious and she has inspired and encouraged many budding designers. Her’s work is delicate, richly detailed and infinitely wearable, often inspired by history and vintage treasures. As a tutor Heather is a kind, patient, lively and inspiring teacher, generous with her design processes and techniques. She teaches regularly both in the UK and overseas. 


Heather is the creator of Albion stitch, a beading technique and has published two books on the stitch. She is also co-author of the Tudor Inspirations beading book. Her work has been featured in many magazines.

Alexandra Sydorenko

Guest Instructor for Optional Classes

Alexandra was born and raised in Ukraine. When Alexandra was about six years old, she saw a magnificent beaded herdan made by her great-grandmother Anastasia. Instantly falling in love with this beaded treasure, she decided to learn how to make this kind of jewelry herself.

           Beading for over fifteen years.  She has accumulated both national and international recognition and publications in the US, Ukrainian, British, and German magazines. She had her pieces modeled on a runway, exhibited at the TOHO Museum in Japan, and featured in Creative Beading, Volumes 9 &10.

       Alexandra teaches beading classes at US bead shops, at bead shows, on Zoom, and sometimes internationally.