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✅My name is Iryna Shlapakova.

✅I’m an operating room nurse 👩‍⚕️and a jewelry designer 💍 at Exclusive Craft

✅I started beading 8 years ago and right away I fell in love 🥰 with bead embroidery.

✅Working in an operating room I wanted to have something sparkly for my uniform.

That is how I designed my cute badge holders 🥰

✅I make all my jewelry by myself and put my heart ❤️ and soul into the creation of every piece 💖

✅I have +100 happy customers ☺️

✅In my free time (if I have 😉) I love to ballroom dance 💃, do Zumba, garden 🪴, cross stitch, knit 🧶 and belly dance.