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Register to join us for Zoom SocialBeading sessions.  We will be holding 2 sessions per month.  One on Wednesday afternoon from 12 pm - 3 pm Eastern and one on a weekend day schedule permitting, 12 pm - 3 pm Eastern.  Session dates will be added on an ongoing basis.  

Instructions for Registering

  1. When you click 'Register Now', you will be taken to the registration page.  You then must select a date.  It is easy to miss this. part of the screen - it says"Select different date".  It always defaults to the first upcoming available date.  Please take caution to not register more than one time for the same session.

  2. You must register for each session separately.

  3. There is no charge for registering or attending these sessions.

  4. If the session is sold out, you will automatically be added to the waitlist. 

  5. If, after registering, you find that you are not able to attend, please notify me via email ( as soon as you know (hopefully at least 48 hours in advance) so that I can open a space for those on the waitlist.  

  6. The is no charge for the sessions, but we thought it would be nice to offer you the opportunity to give back to our beading community by making a donation of any amount to FAST - Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. If you would like to make a donation or learn more about FAST, please visit our Facebook fundraiser at

SocialBeading on Zoom
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