Supply lists and kit information will be sent to registered attendees. You'll have the option of buying a class project kit from the instructor or providing your own materials for the workshop.

Elb Tunnel

Sabine Lippert © 2019

One day class - Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite:  Cubic Right Angle Weave

Prismatic Right Angle Weave

Elb tunnel (named after a tunnel in Hamburg Germany which is known for its traffic jams.

This piece is a mixture of cubic, prismatic, double cubic and double right angle weave.  The different arcs on the base are attached in two layers, the base layer goes in one direction, the top layer is crossing the arcs underneath.  Just like the current in a river can move in different directions in different depths.


What sounds and might look difficult is easier to make than you might think, although I recommend to be familiar with CRAW and prismatic RAW.  Where the piece is made by completing the segments continuously, the students will be able to finish one segment in the class to prepare them to finish the project after the workshop. 

Quaking Aspen

Melissa Shippee © 2019

One day class - intermediate

Prerequisites - Tubular Herringbone stitch


This hybrid bead weaving and bead embroidery necklace is based on the leaves of the quaking aspen tree, Populous Tremuloides, a common deciduous tree found in the Northeastern United States. The leaves of the quaking aspen individually shake in response to the wind which gives the tree a unique, trembling look that distinguishes it from other deciduous trees in the forest. This project uses two- and three- ladder tubular herringbone stitch combined with a unique take on bead embroidery components with Swarovski stones in two-hole settings.


Last Leaf

Conversation Stick

Jody Young © 2019

One day class - All Levels


A conversation  stick derives from the traditional talking stick belonging to the Native American culture.  Artist Jody Young has creatively honored this tradition by embellishing with both beads and beauty, pieces of ancient petrified Teak wood dating back to approximately 20 million years old.  When one holds the conversation stick, one beholds the power of speech within the conversation.  The individual can then share concerns or ideas, all while being respectfully listened to by the others.  The stick is then passed around to each person to be given an opportunity to speak.

Petrified wood possesses many positive properties.  It gives the sensation that all will be well, calms one's fears, offers timeless energy and promotes concentration while one finds balance.  Adorned with crystals, shells, natural beads and other facets a piece of art takes shape that truly becomes a conversation piece within itself for all to embrace.

A very special workshop that goes beyond beading.  You will receive a one-of- kind kit including the piece of petrified wood that speaks to you. You will learn techniques of a strong netted bead foundation that you will then embellished with free-form layering style of Raised Texture beading and design.


Optional Workshop

Precious Metal Clay 
Monte Nikkel © 2019

3 hour class - All Levels

 Thursday Afternoon 2-5pm

Learn how to work with Precious Metal Clay.  You will design and make components for either earrings or a pendant.  Your projects will be fired and returned to you prior to the end of the retreat.

Above photo is not representative of the actual project, but  only an example of what you could create.

A second session may be added depending upon demand.

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