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Welcome to SocialBeadia, the ultimate hub for beadwork enthusiasts where imagination knows no boundaries! Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artisan, our platform is the gathering place where individuals come together to learn, inspire, and connect through their shared passion for beads and art.


Founded in 2015 by bead artist Sue Burleigh, SocialBeadia, LLC was conceived from the desire to partake in destination-style bead retreats and embark on journeys with like-minded friends who share a love for the art of beading.

At SocialBeadia, we specialize in planning and hosting bead retreats, with a focus on New England, and also curate bead-related travel events on an international scale. Our events seamlessly blend travel, socialization, and beading education in fabulous destinations.

If you represent a Bead Society or another craft-related group and envision a meticulously planned retreat, feel free to reach out to us at We'd be thrilled to turn your ideas into a memorable reality.


Meet Sue Burleigh, the creative force behind SocialBeadia. A jewelry and textile art designer, Sue has explored various forms of artwork throughout her lifetime, including knitting, crochet, quilting, garment and accessory sewing, pottery, and stained glass. In 2011, during a period of temporary disability, she discovered the world of beading as a creative outlet while sitting. What began as a pastime quickly transformed into a passion, evolving into the thriving business that is SocialBeadia today.

Sue is a juried member of The Craftworkers' Guild of Bedford, NH, and brings a wealth of knowledge from her 35-year career in finance, business management, and consulting. With extensive experience in business and project management, coupled with her personal travel adventures, Sue is the ideal person to plan and execute group gatherings and travel events.

Join us at SocialBeadia, where beads meet boundless creativity, and let's embark on a journey of inspiration and connection in the world of beadwork!


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