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Leslee Frumin

Leslee Frumin, a bead and metal artist from San Juan Capistrano, California teaches off-loom bead weaving techniques. Leslee has published and won awards in both areas. Her work has been featured in trade magazines and displayed in the US and abroad.


Leslee draws inspiration from shapes, nature and the materials themselves. She often will translate metalwork techniques into beadwork designs. In particular, bezels and clasp concepts are derived from her experience in working with metals.


She loves to teach. Her goal as a teacher is to create a fun and successful learning experience. Her passion for all the colors and textures made possible by beads, metals and stones keep her excited. If Leslee could add another 24 hours to a day, to work on designs, she would be thrilled.

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Leslee's upcoming dates

October 26, 2024 Projects TBD

Leslee's Upcoming Classes

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    Frumin, Leslee - Waitlist
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