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  • How and when do I pay my final payment?
    Final payment dates are listed in the Payments and Cancelation page/section of each retreat webpage. You will receive an invoice approximately 90 days before the due date. Although the invoice is not due until the final due date, you are welcome to pay it at any time. If you requested monthly billing at the time of registration, you will receive an invoice the first day of each month for 6 months prior to the final due date.
  • How can I easily find classes that fit my skill level?
    There is a special page under the Easy Navigation menu called "Classes by Skill Level"
  • Is there a way to sort classes by technique?
    Yes! Please see
  • How long before the class date will I receive the project instructions?
    It varies based on the instructor's preferences. If a printed copy of the instructions is required, you will either receive them with your kit if you ordered one or via USPS or postal service used by the instructor. If the instructor allows instructions to be delivered electronically, you will receive them 1-3 days prior to the class via e-mail.
  • How long before the class date will I receive my kit(s)
    This depends on the instructor's preferences. Some prefer you to receive it two or more weeks prior to class while others prefer to have it arrive a day or two before class.
  • I have a credit on my SocialBeadia account. How can I use it to pay for all or part of a virtual class I want to take.
    When you have a credit on your account, you were most likely issued a coupon code to use for future classes or retreat payments. Each coupon code can only be used one time, so if this results in a credit balance remaining after use, please email and request a new code for the balance remaining. Please include your original code for reference.
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