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Cindy Holsclaw

Cindy Holsclaw has dabbled in crafts for longer than she can remember, but she’s always been most fond of geometric structures. After many years of exploring these mathematical forms in modular origami, in 2006 she learned that these structures could also be made with beads. From then on, she was hooked! In 2009 Cindy started writing patterns for her own beading designs, and in 2012 she dove into designing and teaching beadwork full-time.


With a background in academia and a doctorate in biochemistry, Cindy takes an analytical approach to her design style; she likes exploring different bead shapes and variations on the established beading techniques, and she’s constantly thinking of new ways to put beads together. Biochemistry and mathematics continue to inspire her and often show up in her finished work. As an educator, Cindy challenges her students to learn something new in every class, while giving them the tools they need through her very detailed beading patterns.


In 2015 Cindy was named Designer of the Year by Beadwork Magazine, and a series of her beading videos were published by Interweave in the same year. Cindy has taught at the Bead & Button, Bead Fest, and BABE! shows as well as at several bead stores and bead societies around the country. When not on the road, Cindy makes her home in San Diego, California with her husband and daughter.

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Cindy's future teaching dates with projects to be announced.

March 11, 12, 13, 2022

Cindy's Upcoming Classes

  • Cindy Holsclaw - Frozen Flame
    Fri, Nov 12
    $90 + mandatory kit $75
    Nov 12, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
    $90 + mandatory kit $75
    The Frozen Flame pendant features several tendrils of twisty flames surrounding a sparkly focal crystal. This reversible piece also includes a second crystal on the back, bezeled with several layers of intricate netting.
  • Cindy Holsclaw - Compass Rose
    Sat, Nov 13
    $90 + mandatory kit $75
    Nov 13, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
    $90 + mandatory kit $75
    Create a gorgeous compass rose in this beaded pendant! Dating back to at least the 1200s, compass roses are essential cartographic figures on maps and nautical charts.
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