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Alla Maslennikova

Alla Maslennikova is an award-winning beading artist from Moscow, Russia. She was born in a painter's family, and her childhood dream was to become a jeweler, but she had to study math & computer sciences at University.

Though her first touch to a bead happened when she was 6 years old, her regular beading career started in 2005, when she won her 1st award in the official beading contest of the biggest Russian beading magazine.

Alla's favorite techniques are CRAW, various kinds of embroidery, and creating beaded jewelry is a great way to come close to the profession of her dreams.

Her works were exhibited in Russia, the USA, and Europe, and won 16 awards, including:

🏅Champion of Battle of the Beadsmith in 2012, and vice-champion in 2020
🥇1st Place in Swarovski category of Bead Dreams contest in 2013
🏅Best of Show Runner-up in Bead Dreams contest in 2016
🏅Grand Prize of Jewelry with Miniature Painting Contest in 2020

At the moment she has more than 20 publications, including Perlen Poesie, Bead&Button (Magazine and Best Projects yearly issues), Bead & Jewellery.

In 2015 she became a member of the Creative Russian Artists Union to prove that beadwork is not just a hobby, but Wearable Art.


Alla's Upcoming Workshops

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    Maslennikova, Alla - Waitlist
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