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Kit - Keeper of the Stars - Swain-Salomon  - Week2

Kit - Keeper of the Stars - Swain-Salomon - Week2


Please place your order for the kit colorway you would like.  You can order more than one if you would like.  Kits are $125 each and payable to instructor at the retreat


Students will choose either the "Sunset Colorway”  which is 24kt gold with Elderberry-Rosaline Ombre pearls with 24kt gold OR “Moonlight Colorway” which is black-white ombre (grayscale) pearls with palladium beads.  They then can choose any one of 4 German glass foclas.  The two colored beads of the fringe and accent color bead of the bezel will coordinate with the German glass focal.  The beads of the Sunset Colorway and Moonlight Colorways can not be substituted with one another.


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