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Kits will be available for each project and purchased separately from the instructor at the event.  If the kit is not mandatory, you will be sent a supply list and have the option of bringing your own materials.


Sherry Serafini © 2024

One day class - Intermediate

 “To bloom is to embrace the beauty of growth and transformation, and to trust in the natural process of becoming.” 

Bead embroider a beautiful cuff using my favorite wood rings to give it dimension. Two-hole beads, crystals in settings, and more. My favorite part of making this piece “Bloom” is the use of the demi beads! Set on a flexible metal blank. 

Of course, if cuffs aren’t your thing as always…creative freedom! You can make a neckpiece out of this as well. 


Marginal Way

Miriam Shimon © 2024

One day class - intermediate

Prerequisites -Peyote

Take a walk along Marginal Way. Immerse yourself in the color and scent of the brightly colored blooms while enjoying the feel of the sea breeze on your face. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, this project is a variation of two types of Peyote embellished flower motifs, which are then joined to a slinky, textured, and sturdy chenille rope and finished with a matching flower motif clasp. The project would be considered intermediate, and knowledge of Peyote would be advantageous.


Apollinariya Koprivnik © 2024

One day class - Intermediate

Elegant and subtle, filigran and detailed. This unusual architectural species of beaded butterflies can also be found near the ocean. 

You will learn how to make quite a few beaded elements and combine them in a symphony of colors and shapes. You will be working with interesting bezels and then will be able to decide how to assemble them in the composition. It can be a butterfly or an abstract art, be sure I will be there to guide you!

Austrian (our favorite) crystals and pearls, Miyuki seed beads, Preciosa chaton montees. 

Four color variations will be available. 

Click photo for more images.

Optional Workshop

Secret Garden

Betty Stephan © 2024

3 hours class - All Levels

Prerequisites: Knowing basic bead embroidery stitches is helpful but not required.

You will be sure to discover some new techniques in this class- whether you are fairly new to bead embroidery or an experienced beader.


The center cabochon on the cuff is mounted on a gold lace flower, surrounded by several layers of beads. This piece is attached to the cork foundation with layers of beading foundation to give it even more dimension.  A beautiful flowered cording piece resembles a garden trellis and is embellished with beads and a golden cord borders it on both edges of the cuff.  Several colorways will be available.


This cuff is lightweight, so very comfortable to wear, as well as working up quite quickly.  A great way to begin your retreat!  

Mandatory Kit Price:  $90

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