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Holly Bean

Holly Bean

Bead Embroidery

Holly Bean is a bead embroidery artist.  She teaches nationally in person and on Zoom.  She also hosts day retreats at her home studio and at her local bead store.  She’s been featured in Bead and Jewelry Magazine U.K.


Holly has been designing jewelry for over twenty years.  Once she found bead embroidery design, she was hooked.  Holly’s eclectic designs are indicative of her “out of the box” thinking.  Holly resides in King George, Virginia with her husband Bob.  She has two grown, free-spirited sons who are also artists. 

“Nature, the elements, cultures, and life inspire me.  My passion is to create jewelry that invokes energy, peace, and healing in the wearer. This is how I express my inner being.  I bead how I live my life…lightly dusted with form.”

You can see more of Holly's work at

Holly Bean
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